Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Uganda and family pictures.

Here are some recent family pictures and some pictures from Uganda. The captions to the pictures are all crazy but I think you can figure them out and match them up.
Evan and I at the circus
us in our longhorn gear. too bad they had to lose to cincinnati.
It's spring!
Lydia with her birthday gifts...she is 1 today!

Here are some more Uganda pictures. These were mostly taken at the refugee camp giving out eyeglasses or sharing the evangecube. There are also a couple from the Words of Hope project, which is an HIV/AIDS support and community support group. They have different projects to raise support in the community, such as raising goats or making and selling baskets. Here is a link to their website to find a bit more info about them or get involved. Visiting them was a highlight of the trip.


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