Saturday, January 28, 2006

More pictures (mas fotografias)

Ok, this is another one of those jobs where you'll have to turn your head a bit to the side. Anyways, last week we were walking along to the hot springs and lo and behold-a Texas bluebonnet in Ecuador. That was a surprise, but a pleasant one. We just saw that one there but then we saw more on the way back to Quito. I'll have to find out for sure, but I am pretty sure it is the same or at least a similar species. I have heard they grow at different times of the year and can get quite big. TEXAS!!!!

Here goes the beginning of the farm animal tour of all the animals that we saw on our long walk to the hot springs.

Black Beauty


PEFC-Pre-Ecuadorian Fried Chicken

Look at the guard dog watching over these little piggies...


A river up by the hot springs

Here is a picture of an indigenous guy that was playing music on some pipes, his guitar and with his voice. The music was so beautiful. I wish you could have heard was a glad alternative to the people that usually sell stuff on the bus. This picture was taken on the way to the university and is a trip that we take everyday (it takes about 45 minutes). Now the time of the trip will be reduced because we finally found a house and may be able to start driving this week. That is big news, that we found a house. thank you all for praying. We will have to post pictures later on. It is a really nice place.

Here is a picture of the crew that went with us on the retreat.

Here is a picture of Christine at a flower farm where our friend works. It was so amazing to see so many flowers growing. They also had a ton of roses (95% of which will be on the way to the US for Valentine's Day).

Here is a picture that was taken outside of the window of my Spanish conversational class. The campus and the surrounding area is really beautiful.

Psalms 16:6-"The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance."

I guess this is all for now. Christine may write a post later and I'd like to put a nice picture of Cotopaxi on here as well. Again, please feel free to post any comments or send us email. -Ben


Blogger William & Jan said...

Ben, What a sense of humor you have! I love the PEFC pictures! The guard dog is good too. You took a beautiful picture of our daughter - thank you! I'm glad that God blessed you with some BB from Texas! They are probably bigger in Texas - Huh? Give each other a hug for us - love you both! Mom & Dad E.

11:32 PM  
Blogger Foxpaw said...

it looks so WARM there!!! (in stark contrast to where we are....and then there are the folks in Moscow....brrrr)

Love the pictures and the commentary. Bluebonnets in Ecuador, whoda thunk!

Blessings on you both!!!
The Swept Stoop

2:04 AM  

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