Thursday, June 15, 2006

Another World Cup Update

Ecuador 3 Costa Rica 0
That was the scoreline at the end of the day and was all that Ecuador needed to advance to the next round. What a great game and a great result. Now they are tied with Germany in points but are ahead because of goal difference. If Ecuador has a tie with Germany they will finish first in their group and most likely play Sweden, instead of England. That is what I'm really hoping for, for the sake of Ecuador and that would set up a great game between England and Germany. Today's game was so exciting. I forgot to mention before how the whole country is wrapped up in the performance of the team (think 1000 times bigger than the Super Bowl, March Madness and World Series put together!). There is yellow, red and blue everywhere. You can buy flags, jerseys, etc on the streets and there is a certain buzz surrounding the team that is doing so well. The photo posted here is of Ecuador's star striker-Agustin Delgado 'Tin' making his 'golazo'-translated as a great and amazing goal worthy of the highlight reel or Sportscenter. He had such a tight angle and a little space before he hammered the ball in the back of the net.
England, another principal team finished well after not getting off to such a great start, finishing 2-0 over first-timers Trinidad & Tobago. Liverpool FC (you'll never walk alone) teammates, Peter Crouch and Steven Gerrard (with a golazo) made the goals in the final minutes that guaranteed the advance of their team to the next round.
By the way, is there a need for missionary sports writers? I will work for free, just send me to the games so I can write about them and share the gospel with people as well. Well, the World Cup continues...will have to see how the US does on Saturday-it's pretty much do-or-die against the Italians, who look like a bunch of Gucci models. Hope the US will play a ton better than last time and hope the Italians will be more worried about their hair than drilling the Americans with a bunch of goals.
Guess this is all for now, please continue to pray as we do follow up from the last group and get ready for the next group.


Blogger Madge said...

Great Commentary....there should be a job out there in sports writing for you. Aren't they mostly freelance?

We are enjoying the games live here and staying up much too late for too many nights...but there have been so many great games. Some close, others not.

Yeah, the Italians may have their hair gel, but the Americans looked like a bunch of pretty boys against the Czechs. Did they know they where to play that day?
Oh well, it is half time of the Mexico and Angola game....gotta run and refresh my mineral wasser.

hi Christine

2:59 PM  
Blogger Arnold Austin Jr said...

Got a Alemania 2006 Costa Rica Futbol shirt for Father's Day.

Wearing it with pride, even as we loose.

9:19 AM  

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