Monday, June 19, 2006

John Denver, BBQ, and World Cup

Now, I have a few pictures from an area where we went to a new Bible study yesterday. It is in the home of a family that the volunteers met and that we have followed up. Yesterday was the first day that we met and will continue to meet on Sunday mornings. It is an extended family that has a farm on the side of a mountain. The family grows potatoes, corn and strawberries. Now, here are some pictures from the day...
After the Bible study, we went driving up this mountain. This is the view from the mountain, doesn't this view make you want to break out singing John Denver songs (like Rocky Mountain High or Sunshine on my shoulders)?
This is the peak that we were trying to go to. I guess we would have if the car would have had enough gas. I know we'll have to go another day. Anyways, this is a peak we can see from our house. They call it the Lion's face, I guess because there are some rocks on the other side that are shaped in the face of a lion. Am I hearing John Denver in the background?
This is Sabrina (5) and her brother Saed (4). I think one of the cat's name is Saed (not really, but that is what they said and it was pretty funny.) They are two of the kids where we had the Bible study. Aren't they cute? They were really great kids and a lot of fun. I just really liked this picture with the light and everything. Please pray for this family as most are new Christians. There is Orlando and his wife and their 4 kids, his brother and wife, and the brother's parents that live at this farm and they are hosting the Bible study.
This is a picture from a special dinner we had last night-BRISKET! Meyer's and Southside are going to have to run for their money! It was a complete surprise, courtesy of Christine. At a couple of points, I asked Christine what was cooking after I smelled something cooking. We had a complete meal of brisket, potato salad, bread, Meyer's BBQ sauce and bad pickles. The only thing missing was the teared paper that would be used as plates (as they do back in Elgin). We had found brisket in the supermarket here (already cut up) and stocked up on it but hadn't cooked any yet. Then, Christine cooked some last night and it was really good. I'm hoping to get a grill and cook some more and maybe even get a whole brisket. This brings a necessity to share some Ray Steven's lyrics from a song called, 'BBQ.' This song describes my love for BBQ, as I consider it one of the the 4 major food groups, or at least an honorary 5th. After looking on the internet, I wasn't able to find the lyrics but will have to share them next time.
Another World Cup update-Well, the US tied Italy 1-1. I guess that was a pretty good result and it keeps them alive. They could've won, had it not been for blind referees. Now, they just have to beat Ghana and Italy has to beat the Czech Republic. Those games will be on Thursday. Today, Ecuador has their game with Germany-I am predicting a tie, 1-1. There is one thing I forgot to share about Ecuador doing well in the World Cup-one comment I have heard quite a bit is now they are doing well, people will know about Ecuador.


Blogger Spencer said...

Ecuador 0-3 Germany.

Hope you enjoyed losing to the eventual 2004 World Cup Champions.

Though in all honesty I think I'd rather play England than Sweden as bad as England has been so far.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Madge said...

Good choice of songs...John Denver was one of my favorites way back when...but do you know how weird it is to hear "Take me Home Country Roads" while at a field hockey match in the middle of Switzerland? And everybody knows the words. Plus back in Germany while at a market talking to one of cherry vendors...Oh you are from Virginia, yeah I know that song...Almost Heaven West Virginia..then you need to tell them,but that is West Virginia!!! And everyone recognizes pride in your home we all laughed!
Praying for you and your teams coming in.

3:47 PM  

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