Monday, March 26, 2007

Pictures from Santo Domingo, part 1

Here are a few pictures we took when we were in Santo Domingo. I have more I'd like to share, along with others from before our time in SD. The first one here is of a Tsachila man. This is one of the indigenous groups in Ecuador, that live mainly in the Santo Domingo area. There are only about 5000 or so of them left. Traditionally, the men dye their hair red. There are a few believers among the Tsachila, and now I ask you all to pray for the work of the gospel among them.
The next couple of pictures are from a kid's Bible club that I went to one afternoon. It is in one of the poorer barrios or neighborhoods.
The last picture is of a fountain that is on the way to downtown Santo Domingo. We passed by it just about everyday. I guess this is all for now.


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