Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cartagena, Colombia-part 1

Well, here are some photos from our trip to Cartagena, Colombia. We really had a great time and have quite a few pictures from our time there. These first few are from a city tour that we went on. Cartagena is quite a modern city but with a lot of history. The first picture is of the view from the hotel. This is looking towards the beaches and the historic city center. The next two were also taken from the hotel. One is of the new part of Cartagena, called Bocagrande. The next one if of some guys that were working on a new hotel. The next picture is of some bouganvillea we saw on the way. They had so much of it there, along with other types of flowers. It was quite beautiful. The last two pictures we taken on the top of a hill in the city that has a chapel at the top dedicated to the Virgin of the Candelaria. This is a pilgrimage site but also has a great view of the city. There is a picture of some great friends we met on the trip and ended up spending a lot of time with them. We met them at the airport and it turns out they don't live too far from us. Their names are Leonardo and Ingrid. We were so glad to have met them and now have new friends to hang out with here as well. They are expecting a baby soon, so I ask that you pray for them and their little one that is on the way. I guess this is all for now. We have many more pictures to share as well.
Update-before our trip, we had a church planting conference. I want to say that went well and will have some pictures of it later on. A group of volunteers are in now from Oklahoma and things are going well with them. Keep praying for them and the work they are doing.


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