Saturday, April 14, 2007

KFC, Carnival, Molinuco waterfall

Bet y'all didn't know that we have Kentucky Fried Chicken here in Ecuador! This is a poster for chicken strips at the local KFC. If you look closely, you will notice some words in English and most in Spanish. We also have McDonalds, Dominoes, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, and Taco Bell. Unfortunately though, there is no Sonic.
The next picture was taken at a waterfall that me and Francisco went to a while back. I ask you to pray for my good friend and brother in Christ. We have been able to visit more recently, mostly on Saturdays when he doesn't have to work. Pray that he will grow in his relationship with God and that God will continue to use, bless and direct him.
The last two pictures are really delayed, but quite interesting. They are from the Carnival period, which is 40 days before Easter. The celebration is equivalent to Mardi Gras. A big part of the celebration here involves water fights, along with silly strong and foam fights as well, as the following pictures illustrate. It is a pretty wild time. This year, we didn't get too involved in the festivities but last year I had a pretty good water fight with a neighbor. I just took these pictures as we were driving by the mayhem. As I close I want to share one last prayer request. This is for a young couple that we've come to know and befriend here recently. They are a couple of a similar age and we've had a great time getting to know them and spend time with them. It has been really encouraging because we're of a similar age and at a similar stage in life. However, they are having some family problems and I ask you to pray God would give them his peace. Thanks for this. This is all for now.


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