Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I have three different pictures illustrating God's creativity and beauty in creation in Ecuador. The pictures are from different areas of Ecuador-mountains, sea and tropical forest. Along with this I have lyrics from a favorite Spanish Christian song. It talks a bit about God's power in creation, so I wanted to put it along with these pictures. The song also alludes to the character Aslan in the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis (a great read.) I will put a translation of the song lyrics first for the bilingually-challenged. It is really a beautiful song and the translation just doesn't do it justice, but here it is anyway.
Aslan-Marcos Vidal, translated
It's not by chance that I love you, when I see all that you've done, not only in your creation but also in my heart, that without knowing why it is not stone anymore. It's not by chance that I love you, because your voice gives life, capable of transforming a poor heart into a life full of happiness.
Your voice created the light and even now we can still contemplate it, your voice created the clouds, under heaven and above the sea.
chorus-Speak again, voice of God, repeat in me the miracle. Let me hear you, unleash your power of your voice one more time, roar of the lion of the tribe of Judah
You're invincible in battle, you are like the sun in the morning, So strong and so real, you have no equal and the enemy shakes at the sight of you, you are at the same time so faithful and tender, that a child can come near. Apart from knowing how to fight, you also know how to play like a pure and innocent cub.
I love you because when you are with me, I am happy and it's not by chance that I want to be close to you, (repeat chorus)
ASLAN- Marcos Vidal, from the Nada Especial album
No es casualidad que yo te ame, cuando veo todo lo que has hecho, no solo en Tu creación, sino en mi corazón, que sin saber porqué ya no es de piedra. No es casualidad que yo te ame, porque de Tu voz emana vida capaz de transformar un pobre corazón en una vida llena de alegría.
Tu voz, creo la luz que aún hoy podemos contemplar. Tu voz creó las nubes, bajo el cielo y sobre el mar. Oh, habla otra vez, voz de Jehová, repite en mi el milagro, y que te pueda escuchar, desata el poderío, de tu voz una vez más, rugido de leónde la tribu de Judá.
Eres invencible en la batalla, eres como el sol de la mañana. Tan fuerte y tan real, que no tienes igual, y tiembla el enemigo a tu mirada. Eres a la vez tan fiel y tierno, que una niña puede acariciarte, que aparte de luchar, también sabes jugar,como un cachorro puro e inocente.
Te amo, porque cuando estás conmigo soy feliz, y no es casualidad que quiera estar cerca de Ti. Oh, habla otra vez, voz de Jehová, repite en mí el milagro, y que te pueda escuchar, desata el poderío, de tu voz una vez mas, rugido de león de la tribu de Judá.


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