Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Spring!

Here's Audrey and Evan with Uncle Paul Here's Evan with Great-Grandpa. We were celebrating Great-Granpa's birthday. He is a really great guy and I wish you all knew him. Here is Evan at Dad's day out learning how to play golf. The 2nd video shows him playing golf. Look out Phil Mickelson! Here is Evan looking at his Longhorn football book. Thanks Aunt Libby (this was the white elephant gift I received last Christmas.) It now belongs to Evan. At least he let me finish reading it. The first video here shows him looking at the book. By the way, he can say Texas and Longhorn. Longhorn doesn't come out to clearly but he can say it.

I took this video today. It shows whas it left of the four inches of snow that fell on Saturday, the first day of spring.
This last one shows him playing golf in our yard with a baseball bat.
I hope you all enjoyed these. As I close, I have a prayer request. It is for a guy by the name of Freddy. Freddy comes from a Christian family and knows the Lord. The problem is that his wife is not a Christian and he is away from God in his relationship now. Pray that God would bring him back and help him lead his family to God as well. Freddy's mom and younger brother come to our church but he hasn't, mainly because his wife doesn't want him to go. Again, just pray for him and his family.


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