Monday, February 08, 2010

recent pics

Here's a recent picture of Audrey, also known as Evan's partner in crime. Here is Evan wearing Audrey's cowboy hat. This and the next picture show a trip I took ice fishing a bit north of here. This was a program put on by the conservation department and was quite interesting. It was my first time to go ice fishing. We really don't have a whole lot of that in Texas! I didn't end up getting anything but not many people did. I'm glad for the experience and hope to go out again some time. The first picture shows the hole and my tackle on my sled. The second picture shows the lake that is frozen over and some of the other people that went. Here's Evan. This is a picture of Evan that was taken at the farm show last weekend. He really enjoyed seeing the tractors and the different displays. As for an update on the church- We celebrated our one year anniversary last weekend and that went quite well. We had a good turnout and it was a special time to celebrate. Keep praying for our church as we continue to seek the Lord and serve Him.
Here's a video of Evan dancing to close with. He is dancing to his new 'Slugs, Bugs and Lullabies' cd by Andrew Peterson and Randall Goodgame. This is the best kid's music album that I have heard. One review of it said it is an album that you can listen to hundreds of times without wanting to stick a fork in your ear. It comes highly recommended.


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