Friday, October 23, 2009

pics, videos, testimonies and prayer request

Here's Evan holding his pumpkin or ball as he calls it. Here's Evan and cousin Audrey looking at a book with Uncle Paul. We were able to see them and Laura tonight. Here's Evan in his Diego explorer hat. Evan can say hat now and has begun to play with hats quite a bit. The last picture shows that as well. Here's Evan and I in our Texas gear last Saturday for the Texas-OU game. I'm glad Texas won even if it was a bit ugly. Speaking of football and Texas-OU, there's a website I recommend that you check out. It is called , it has video testimonies from Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford. hat & pumkin

This and the next video show Evan saying 'Amen' which is one of his new words.

Here is Evan walking and doing calisthenics. Here's Evan giving Mommy a kiss.
The last thing to mention is a prayer request. It is for a couple that is getting married in our church on Sunday. It's kind of a long story but I ask that you pray for Antonia and Juan as they begin their lives together. This will be the first wedding for me to perform. Pray especially for Juan who made a decision for Christ earlier this week. Pray that he grows in his new faith.


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