Saturday, September 05, 2009

Recent pics.

I just wanted to post a few recent pics as I know it has been a while. I have some from our St. Louis trip that I want to post later today or tomorrow. I hope you enjoy them.
Here's Evan wearing his food.
This was taken of me, Evan with a couple of Guatemalan friends from our church. In the background is the Missouri River. This is a place that we've gone walking a few times recently and it is quite nice. I ask you to pray for these folks and for the rest of the Guatemalan community here in St. Joseph. Pray that God would work in their lives, drawing them to himself.
Another cute one of Evan eating.
This last one was taken at City Market in Kansas City. We were able to hear this lady play the harp and Evan just loved it. Guess this is all for now. Keep posted for the other pictures.


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