Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Guatemala, part 2

Here's another installment of the Guatemala pictures. I'll have at least two more.
Here's a couple of the guys in this mototaxi. I rode this a couple of times. They are a lot of fun. I rode something similar when I went to Peru.
Another plate of Guatemalan joy. This is seafood. We were far from the coast but this was really great.
Here is a couple I saw selling these woven clothes and materials in the market. I ended up buying some things from them. They were what they call napkins to wrap their tortillas in but they can be used as tablecloths or placemats. They have some really beautiful things there.
Here's me with my friend's family. They are family of a Guatemalan friend that I know here in St. Joe. It's a small world. I had their contact info and was able to visit them a few times and that was nice.
Here is a Tortilleria, or a place where they make tortillas.

This first picture is me with Pastor David to my left and Rony (our guide and driver) to my right. Both of these guys were great.
Here is our team, from left to right, James, Bradshaw, me, Brandon, Jordan, Rony and Adam.
These next couple of pictures are of some buildings in downtown Santa Cruz.
This is one of my favorite pics from the trip and it shows part of the City Hall and the main Catholic Church there.
Bananas, these were very sweet like the ones we had in Ecuador.


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