Sunday, July 26, 2009

recent pics and Guatemala pics, part 1

Here are some recent pictures and some pictures from the Guatemala trip. Sorry it has taken a while to get these Guatemala ones on.
These first two pics were taken at the Rangers-Royals game the other night, a game that my Rangers won 2-0. The 2nd picture here is of Josh Hamilton.

I had this little visitor come to the church office earlier this week.
Well, it's been a month since I left for Guatemala. We had a great trip. We mostly did evangelism but a few other projects as well. We worked with kids, did some touring and I did a Sunday school training. We mainly worked with a local church there that was a ton of help.
This picture was taken of the city from the top of our hotel. We went to Santa Cruz del Quiche.
This is a street scene in Santa Cruz.
Another one taken from the top of the hotel of a foggy morning. Things like this and many other things reminded me of Ecuador.
Here's some ladies walking down the street, carrying things on their heads. We saw a lot of this and that was quite interesting.
This and the rest of the pictures were taken in a area on the edge of town called El Ensueno. This is an area that the church we are working with are hoping to start a church. There used to be a church that met there but then closed. The church we worked with has been going out there for a kid's project and we helped with that, did some visitation and had a couple of evangelistic meetings out there. I ask you to pray for the church we worked with as they continue in their work and pray especially for Barrio El Ensueno.
Here is a picture of some kids taken during our project w/ the kids.
This is a plate of pure Guatemalan joy. Guatemalan food is fairly similar to Mexican food and I'm talking real Mexican food, not Tex-Mex. It is still unique from Mexican, though. It is different from Ecuadorian. We ate very well on this trip. What is shown here is grilled meat, tortillas, black beans, guacamole, and a baked potato w/ cheese. We ended up making tacos w/ the various ingredients. I think this is the best meal I had while there.
Here's a guy going off to work in the fields or returning from there.
Now, if you ladies think you have it rough cooking- just look at this. This lady was cooking on a comal over coals. She was cooking some handmade tortillas and frying fish.
Here is a cornfield. Corn is the main staple in Guatemala and we saw cornfields everywhere and we ate a ton of delicious corn tortillas.
Well, I guess this is all for now. I still have quite a few Guatemala pics to put on, so stay posted for those and keep praying for the ministry here and in Guatemala.


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