Friday, May 08, 2009

cincinnati, part 2

The following are some pics and videos from our recent trip to Cincinnati. We went there to catch up with some friends and we really had a great time. We went there to see some of Christine's friends from college that recently had a baby- Amelia, Andreas and Andrian. We also saw Jackson and met his wife Esther. We were also able to do a bit of sightseeing. I'll go ahead and apologize that the captions don'g quite go with the pictures, but I think you'll be able to figure them all out. I hope to be able to fix them but not now because it is quite late.
Here's Evan sitting in the grass at a rest stop. Welcome to Indiana! We drove through Indiana on the way to Cincinnati and it was really quite beautiful there- a lot of farms, old barns, rivers and forests. Here's Jackson and I. He is the first Ugandan student I've seen since leaving Uganda in September of '02. I knew him in Uganda, particularly at our Guy's Bible study there. Here's all the crew in Newport, Kentucky. Here's Jackson and Esther. Travelling wore Evan out a bit. Here's a nice picture of downtown Cincinnati with a the ballpark included. You knew that me the baseball nut had to take this picture. Too bad the Reds weren't in town and I didn't get to a game but I made it to this park last time and also gave Jackson a short lesson on baseball. These next three were taken at a couple of parks in Cincinnati. That was one thing we noticed about Cincinnati, is that there are a lot of beautiful parks and green areas. It is really a beautiful city and we enjoyed our time there. Here's a couple of pictures of Jackson, me and Evan. This picture was taken in Indianapolis on our way back to Missouri. We stopped there in the downtown canal area and got this picture there at a fountain. Think you could do this? I tell you that our kid has some talent and some flexibility. This last one was taken here at home on our porch and i just liked the pensive expression on Evan's face. As I close I just want to ask you all to pray for our friends that we saw in Cincinnati and I also ask you all to pray about a situation that happened here in the Hispanic community in St. Joseph. While we were away, there was a young Hispanic man that was killed. There was someone that paid to have him killed. As you can imagine, this is quite a shock to the community and has been quite a blow. I just ask that you can pray for the young man's family and for the hispanic community in general here.
Here's a video of Evan on the swing. I hope this one doesn't make you sick.
Here's Evan waving at some ducks. Sorry this one is kind of short.


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