Thursday, February 19, 2009

new videos, pics and an update

Sorry it's been a while since the last post. Things have been well but pretty busy. We had a good service this last Sunday. The attendance was good the first week but went down for the 2nd and 3rd weeks but shot back up again last week. We were really kind of blown away. It was mainly one extended family of Cubans that made the attendance higher but there was also another new family, a couple of new young guys and another new single lady. All in all, we had about 32 adults and 10 kids, excluding the 'gringos' that were there to help out. I know numbers aren't the most important thing in the world but it is good to have people coming. I also felt the service went well. Well, I don't have any church pics but I do have some videos and pics of Evan for all to enjoy. So, here they are- These first three are of us hanging out in our sweatshirts. .
You might think that was me making that clicking noise in this video but it's actually Evan. This is one of his new 'tricks' that he's been doing quite a bit here recently.

This one is of Evan sticking out his tongue. This is another one of his tricks. This video isn't the greatest but he's been doing this quite a bit recently and it's pretty funny. He'll also slobber a lot when he does this.

This last one shows him clapping, yet another one of his new tricks. You can't hear it much on here but he actually makes sounds when he claps and has been doing it like crazy here lately.
Here are some new prayer requests related to what I had already written.
1. Pray for the new folks that came to service. There were quite a few new ones, especially a good group of Cubans. There were also a couple of young guys that left before we could get info on them. There was also a young Mexican family and a single Mexican lady.

2. Pray for Iveet (Sidar and Brigida's daughter). She is moving to Los Angeles this next Saturday to be with an aunt there. Pray that God would work in her life and draw her to Him.

3. When we asked for prayer requests during the service, several people mentioned a desire for family unity. Pray that God would unite these families in his love.


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