Monday, January 26, 2009

our first service and more Evan...

Well, we had our first service yesterday and it went quite well. I wanted to thank you all for praying and thank everyone that helped make yesterday a success. We had a good turnout and a good start. The weather was cold but it didn't snow much at all. We met inside but bad weather can keep folks away and that was a concern of ours. We had a good time of fellowship and food and then a nice worship service. We also had a kid's program. I ask you all to pray as we continue. Pray that the folks that came yesterday would come back and pray that others would come as well. Mostly, pray that we would grow in faith, in knowledge, in love and in service as we get started. Over the next few weeks, we will be laying the foundation for the church and this is a critical time. Please pray for us! Here are a couple of pictures of me and Yamil preaching. We also had a time of music and prayer.
As for another update, I wanted to let you all know that I got a temporary job with HeadStart. I know we put this as a prayer request in the last newsletter. It's a good job but just temporary. Pray that I'll find something permanent and God-willing, within the Hispanic community. Also, pray that I'll be able to bless the kids I'm working with.

Following are some recent pics of Evan and a video.
He was pretty wiped out after a busy weekend. I kind of felt the same yesterday evening.
Here he is in his playpen.
This is Evan with Immanuel, who is our friend's child. He is a son of a couple that came to help us over the weekend. They are a Cuban couple that we met at a church planting conference a couple of months ago and they live in Lawrence, Kansas. There's a pic of Yamil above.
I took this video of Evan today playing with his football rattle.


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