Friday, January 16, 2009

Hello again. I have some pictures from the Royals Caravan and a couple of Evan, along with some videos. For the Royals Caravan, they had some Royals players show up at a local grocery store. It was pretty cool and it made me long for baseball season. The really cold temperatures are doing that as well (the high today was 20 and the high yesterday was 10). Here's me with Billy Butler. Here's Kevin Seitzer, an old time Royal and their hitting coach, along with Joakin Soria, the Royals all-star closer. There's the mascot, Slugger...took this one for Evan. Here's Evan with his tractor and farm friends. This was a gift from his great-grandpa Smith.

Evan the screamer and sockeater. He has many talents and has just started to scream recently. Well, we hope you enjoyed these. Guess this is all for now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evan esta precioso.Me asombro el video donde aparece comiendo, lo hace muy bien, Annita nunca ha sido muy comilona, es muy inapetente. Se ve muy saludable, esta hermoso. Espero que se encuentre bien.Saludos y bendiciones. Continuamos orando por su ministerio.Los recordamos con un cariƱo muy especial,
Danely, Eric y Anna gonzalez.

11:52 PM  

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