Wednesday, December 03, 2008

snow! and more Ecuador pictures

Well, we got some snow here and that was pretty cool for this Texan who used to pray for snow as a kid. There wasn't a whole lot of it, just enough to cover the ground. It was enough to be pretty and let me go sledding for a little bit. All of this snow has melted but we're supposed to get more tomorrow. The first picture is of our house with some snow.

This 2nd one was taken in the park where I took some fall pictures a few weeks ago.
I took this pic of Evan today in his high chair.
These last two pictures are from Ecuador. Here's Evan with my Ecuador soccer hat.
Here's the Guacho family as I was saying goodbye to them. They were a special family and I ask you to pray for them.
I guess this is all for now. I wanted to let you all know that the meeting went well on Sunday. There was a good turnout and it was a good meeting. Please continue to pray for the ministry here as we get started.


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