Thursday, October 09, 2008

more pics from Ecuador

Well, I'm sorry it's been a while since our last post. We've been quite busy travelling, etc. I will make up for it by posting quite a few pics this evening. Here are some to start off with. I'll have quite a variety of some last pics from Ecuador and some more recent pics as well. Here's some last ones from Ecuador to start off with.
This was at a goodbye for some of our friends from the Southern part of the valley. Samuel and his wife, along with Jose and his wife will look familiar. We had a goodbye lunch with them and had quite a nice time.
This one and the next three are from the last service we went to at Las Palmeras church. This was a church that we worked with throughout our time in Ecuador. They had a goodbye service for us and it was quite nice. I ask you to pray for this church as they grow and try to reach the community of Santa Rosa.
First, is Pastor Albert and his wife. They did a special for us.
Next, are the kids of the church doing a special. Here is Francisco and his wife Nadya, along with their boy, Brian. They were good friends.
Here is Francisco's mom with Brian. This is how they carry babies most of the time.
Here's a cute one of Evan and Christine.
Here's Evan at VBS over at La Fuente (Dave and Ana's).
This is when we said goodbye to Samuel and his family. I ask you all to pray for them as well. They really helped us a lot in our ministry and time in Ecuador.
These last two were from the Baptist Church in Conocoto. We were able to do some trainings there for about three weeks related to evangelism and starting new home Bible studies/house churches. The training went quite well and I ask you to pray for this group as they seek to reach out. They already have a mission church, one cell group but have a desire to expand.
Here's Pastors Gabriel and Gonzalo.
As I close this post I wanted to share a prayer request related to Ramon and the community of Iguinaro. This is a community where Ramon and I had worked quite a bit. The good thing and the prayer request is that Ramon is still working there. He is actually planning on going there with some youth from the church to try to start a church there. He is hoping to go this Saturday, the 11th to have a service there. They'll go through the day doing the ag project and invite folks and try to have the service in the afternoon at 5 pm (central). I know all this because I spoke to him by phone this evening. I just ask you to pray for this special event.
I'll have more goodbye pics from Ecuador next time and I'll be putting those on as we go along.


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