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2nd visit to Chumillos, pics of Evan and the Olympics in Ecuador

Here's some more pictures of my 2nd visit to Chumillos. We went back for a third time this last Thursday for what was supposed to be a big project. Will write all about this later on. I also want to write something about the Olympics in Ecuador.
This first one is of Marcelina, who I told you all to pray for. We were able to work at her farm and we really had a nice visit with her and had a nice chance to share the gospel. She and her family live right by the church but aren't a part of it yet.
Here's us putting in a seedbed at the pastor's farm.
Here's the cow clinic...we had this lady's cows each one to a post where Ramon would vaccinate them.
Here's Ramon and Jorge, at least I think that was his name (the Pastor's son who went out with us and helped that day).
Just another day at the, God is good for allowing my 'office' to be the Andes mountains. I know we're going to miss the beauty of Ecuador. It is is really a beautiful place, one of the most beautiful places I've seen in the world. This is a view looking towards the Tablon (a mountain that's shaped like a huge table) and Las Puntas (The Points), which are some craggy rocks.
These next four pictures were taken of some Incan ruins that are up the mountain a bit from Chumillos. It's at a site called Quitoloma. It's in a strategic site as these were on the top of a mountain range and was a fort that was used by the Incans to fight against the Kayambis and Karankis (pre-Incan groups that lived in the area). I didn't even know the ruins were there until I went up there. I just wanted to go up to the top of the mountain and then a local guy showed them to me and explained a few things about them. He said that some 'gringos' had come to study the area and were doing some restoration of the site as well. I went home and did some research on the internet and it was quite interesting. These pictures are just some different ones that I took that day.

This is of my friend that took me up there.
Here's a daily scene back at the Pastor's house taken before we left.
As I close this part about Chumillos, I want to write about the last visit to Chumillos (the 3rd visit and I'll have pics of that visit later on). I had asked you to pray for that one and it went ok but it didn't go as well as I had hoped. Gabriel brought a couple of guys down and we were able to go from farm to farm but not have a big event at the soccer field as I had hoped. Another frustration is that the Pastor wasn't able to go with us. It was good that we were able to help a lot of folks with their animals and pray with them. However, we showed a Christian film at the end of the day and only church folks showed up- so that was kind of disappointing as well. There were a couple of young guys that came that weren't church members but they left early cause their horse ran off. This has been one of the big frustrations with missionary work, not always seeing results right away but I know God knows what He's doing and some things take more time than others. I just ask you to keep praying for areas like Chumillos and others, that God would bless and touch these areas...changing people's lives and drawing people to Himself.
Here's a couple of pictures that were taken of Evan a couple of weeks ago.

Well, I know the Olympics have been over for a couple of weeks but I wanted to write something about the Olympics in Ecuador. First, I'll write about the coverage of the Olympics or lack thereof. We have (now, had) cable that included the American network channels, including NBC which showed the Olympics. Well, we were all psyched to watch the opening ceremony and just as it was starting up, something flashed on our screen saying that the cable company didn't have the rights to show the Olympics on NBC. We later found out that it was because the Ecuadorian channels had the rights to the Olympics. The only problem with that is they would only show them from about 1 am-5 am. I guess they didn't know how to record and delay the programming. They had a 30 minute highlight show every afternoon that came on as well and showed a bit more on the weekends but that was about it. Also, at the end of the Olympics I saw part of a show that was explaining how Ecuadorian athletes did and it was pretty pathetic. I know it's a big deal just to make it to the Olympics but they were saying each Ecuadorian was knocked out in the first round or came in last place, etc. There were exceptions to this as you will see but it was kind of sad to see that. The one medal they won belongs to Jefferson Perez (he's front and center and is number 1555), a racewalker. Ecuador has only won two Olympic medals and both of them belong to Perez. He won a gold in '96 and won a silver this year. For those of you who don't know about racewalking, there's a fine line between walking and running...these racewalkers keep that balance quite well. I told Christine that it looks like a guy in a suit in a office that really needs to go to the bathroom and can't run but is going as fast as he can. Otherwise, it looks like they have rubber legs. Well, here's a picture of Perez who is known as Ecuador's greatest athlete ever.


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Ben, Paula and I have been to Chumillos. We had some volunteers that went one day and helped them haul cinder blocks from the road up to where they were going to build the church. This was back around 2003 probably. We also climbed up to Quitoloma before the archeologist came. The pictures you have show some of the reconstruction. The only thing there was the stones at ground level, very little more. We did a lot of work back in the valley towards Cayambe. Paula still works with one of the communities there.

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