Saturday, July 19, 2008

recent pics of Evan

Hello everyone again. I'm sorry it's been a while since our last blog. We've been very busy this last week. We've been trying to do Evan's paperwork. Let's just say that paperwork isn't the easiest thing to do in Ecuador. We're getting there but we have a little ways to go. I ask you to pray for us as we try to finish up his paperwork. We've also been getting ready for the group of volunteers that will be coming next week (July 26-Aug 2). I'll be putting up specific prayer requests and pictures related to them later on this week but ask you to begin praying for them and the folks they'll be working with. Following are some pictures taken of Evan and us over the last week or so.
These first two were taken when we went over to Jose, Rut and Esteban's house for them to meet Evan for the first time. Jose helps me in the work in the southern part of the valley. He's a dear Christian brother and has helped me a lot in my ministry. Him and his wife have a similar testimony to us in that they thought they wouldn't be able to have a child but Esteban came along. He's about 3 now. I ask you to pray for them in their ministry but also especially that God would provide a job for Jose, as he has been out of work for a while.
Here's Christine with Norma and Antonio with their baby Dalis. We came to know Norma several months ago through another missionary. She's a new believer (but now has not quite a year in Christ now). She had her baby a couple of weeks after Christine did. I ask you to pray for them as well, especially as her husband is yet to accept Christ.
The next couple of pictures are from a dedication that Evan had at a local church that we've worked with. This is Luz del Valle/Light of the Valley church. They really aren't too far away from us but we didn't hear of them until a few months ago. We attend there every once in a while and I've been able to do some teaching on discipleship there. We were glad that they were able to do a dedication for Evan. This was his 2nd dedication, we know he'll have at least one more here and a couple back in the States. He's a popular guy! It's just that we work with different churches and we want folks to see what they prayed for.

This one was taken during the service as Evan had fallen asleep this way.
The rest of these were taken of him this afternoon.


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