Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Super Bowl of South American Soccer

Following are some pictures/videos from a soccer game that Dad and I went to last night. This picture was taken before the game started. To explain about this game a bit, I will say that this was basically the Super Bowl of South American and Mexican soccer. It's one of two final games in the Copa Libertadores (Liberators Cup) tournament that is played every year between the best Mexican/South American soccer clubs. My favorite team Liga de Quito has reached the final against Fluminense from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They played one game of the final here and then will play one game in Brazil. They will add up the goals from both games and whoever has the most will be the champion of the tournament. If it's a tie at the end then they will play extra time and then go to penalties after that. I'm just glad that we were able to go to the game. It was really quite exciting and I was able to teach Dad a bit about soccer. Liga ended up winning 4-2, which was a good result for them and gives them a 2 goal advantage. We'll see what happens when they play in Rio next week. Liga is really the underdog and this is the first time they've ever made it to the final (they are the only the 2nd Ecuadorian team to ever make it to the final). On a side note...hopefully Evan will be playing in one of these before too long. Here's a picture of Dad and me. I know it's not the best in the world (my hair was sticking up and dad's eyes were closed) but it was the only one we got. This one may not be clear but is a picture of video that was on the scoreboard before the game. It is a picture of the players standing in front of a crucifix crossing themselves. There were some players that were touching and rubbing the crucifix. They also had an image of the virgin Mary. Here's a picture that was taken during the game. Following are two videos. The first one was taken before the game as the players were welcomed onto the field. I will warn you that with both of the videos, I moved the camera around too much. I do think that these videos capture the overall feeling and excitement. In these you can see the fireworks, streamers, light from flares and fog from fog machines and the general celebration.
The 2nd video was taken after Liga's first goal. They scored their first goal in the 1st minute, which is pretty rare & amazing. During this video, you can hear the fans (and me) singing one of Liga's main songs.


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