Monday, June 09, 2008

and then there were three...

Here's Evan in his carseat. He's just a little knocked out, but cute as ever. The next couple were taken at a local Ecuadorian restaraunt we went to yesterday. Evan celebrated two weeks of life. He is now two weeks old. Here's a sign by the door of the restaurant. It says-"Here- the boss is Father God and the cook is Father Pedro." Taita is an indigenous (Quichua) word for Father. Ecuadorian Spanish has adopted this word (among others) into the vernacular. The next two are from yesterday as well. They are from when Jan and I went to a worship service in Guangopolo. This is Pastor Mario's church. He and Efrain went to the conference with me a few weeks ago. This is the church where we are doing a training on how to start home Bible studies/cell groups. I was able to share a testimony about Evan yesterday and everybody was excited to hear about him. I was also able to show pics of our boy. From left-right- Marcia (Pastor Mario's wife), Pastor Mario, Efrain, Jan, Freddy, Danilo (Mario and Marcia's sons who play music during worship)
As I close, here is a video from the church service in Ascazubi a few weeks ago. I had put a post and some pictures from this service, but here is a video. This is the woman's choir from Chumillos doing a special. You might keep your eyes out as I hope to put some more pictures and a couple of videos of Evan on tomorrow or the next day.


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