Tuesday, June 17, 2008

7 Day Prayer Guide for our ministry

Hello all once again. Following is a 7 day prayer guide for our ministry. I came up with the idea as I was beginning to form a personal prayer list. I hope this will help you on the specifics of how to pray for us and our ministry. I also hope to email this to those of you who are on the newsletter list some time soon. You can use many of the requests for different locations. I put days on them because there are specific events going on those days on some of them (especially Thurs-Sun).
James 4:16b- 'The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.'

Day 1 (Monday)- Pray for the volunteer team that will be coming from Weatherford, Oklahoma at the end of July (July 26-Aug. 2). Pray for the preparation that will be going on until they arrive. Pray for the work they will be doing and the contacts they will be making. Their main projects will be a vacation Bible school, agricultural work and prayerwalking. Pray that God will work in their lives to prepare them, teach them and use them when they are here.

Day 2 (Tuesday)- Besides praying for our ministry and our walk with God, we also ask you to pray for ministries, missionaries, and believers throughout Ecuador and Latin America. Pray that God will encourage them in their calling and in their service. We ask you to pray for those that are reaching out to the majority population of Mestizos and to those that are reaching out to the indigenous and Afro-Ecuadorian people groups, as well as those that are reaching out to the deaf. Pray that (Ecuador) 'will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.' (Habakkuk 2:14

Day 3 (Wednesday)- Pray that 'the work of our hands will be established' (Psalm 90:17). As we finish, we pray that the ministry that we have done will remain and multiply as we leave and after we leave. As you pray this, also pray for our personal walks with Christ. In ministry it is often easy to focus on others but forget about yourself and your personal walk with God. I pray that our relationships with each other and with God would flourish as we grow in our knowledge of God. We also ask you to pray for our marriage and our son, Evan. Pray that he will come to know and be blessed by God as we have.

Day 4 (Thursday)- Pray for Pastor Mario and the church in Guangopolo. Pray for them as they are established in their faith and as they try to reach out to the surrounding community.

Day 5 (Friday)- Pray for work in the southern part of the valley (Valle de los Chillos). This includes Tingo, the Triangulo area, Alangasi, Conococto, and San Carlos. Pray for Jose Rueda and his family as we work together and try to reach this area for Christ. Pray especially for the La Fuente program with Dave and Ana that works with children. Pray for the church in Las Palmeras as they reach their area and Santa Rosa. Pray specifically that the "Lord will open people's heart to the message" of hope and salvation all over the area(Acts 16:14).

Day 6 (Saturday)- Pray for work in the central part of the valley. This includes the neighborhood where we live (Primavera), Rojas (a nearby neighborhood) and a local church (Luz del Valle-Light of the Valley). Pray that the work of the Gospel will be established and strengthened here.

Day 7 (Sunday)- Pray for the work in the Northern part of the valley. This includes El Quinche and Ascazubi. Pray for Ramon Ayala and their family and the church there. Pray that there will be opportunities for God's grace to be experienced and that people will draw near to God. Pray against barriers and traditions that are keeping people away from God and His word.

Thanks for praying daily for the Haleys. You don't know how much your prayers have blessed us and furthered God's kingdom. Keep up the good work!


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