Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Audrey Ray Evans, Grammie and Papa's visit, and Evan is 1 month old

Here's a picture of Evan's new cousin and our new niece, Audrey Ray Evans. We are now and Uncle and Aunt for the first time for real. We've been honorary Uncle and Aunt for years now. Christine's brother Paul and his wife Laura had Audrey on May 23rd. She weighed a bit less than Evan but is half an inch longer than Evan was at his birth. We welcome her to the world and ask you to pray for Audrey, Dad and Mom. Pray especially for Laura's recovery as she had to have a c-section.
This was taken of Evan and me on Father's Day. We watched the Ecuador-Argentina game together. It was too much excitement for him, so he just fell asleep.
These next two were taken of us and Evan at his first visit to church. We had a good time and he was really quiet and asleep until close to the end of the sermon. He started crying and the pastor saw me jump up to take him out. He said he thought my cell phone had gone off, so everybody looked back and was laughing. It was pretty funny.

Well, Dad and mom have made it to get to know Evan. We've had a good time so far. Here's a nice picture of dad and Evan.
Here's a nice one of Evan and mom.
Evan is now one month old. Here is a picture of us all together that was taken today on his one month birthday.
Here's Evan with his Longhorn pacifier that his Grammie brought him. Hook Em! Guess this is all for now. I have a lot more pics to put on. Dad and I are going to a soccer game tonight. Will have to put some pics and let you all know about that.


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