Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pics from today & a video of Evan

Well, here's some pictures from today and there's a video of Evan at the end. Here's a picture of Evan, Christine and a plate of traditional Ecuadorian food. This is fritada (fried pork), llapingachos (potato and cheese pancakes), avocado, corn and cheese, roasted corn kernels and hominy. Mom and Dad had some other stuff and we all had a good lunch. After lunch, we went on a nice little walk in the park in Cumbaya. These pics were taken at the town square in Cumbaya. Evan isn't in this one as he was in the carrier that I had on.
This was a video of Evan in his chair that was taken some time last week.


Blogger RamFam said...

Ben, he is absolutely adorable!!! You are so blessed!
Love you guys,
Leah :)

4:06 PM  

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