Saturday, July 12, 2008

pics and a video

Here are some friends that we met at the conference. We actually met them at last year's conference but they are all good friends that are working in Colombia. From left-right, Christine and Evan, Brian & Ronda, Jamie and Charles. I ask you to pray for them in their work and ministry. The whole conference time was pretty busy but we had some time off last Sunday afternoon. We went to the Panecillo (a hill in the middle of Quito, where this photo was taken) and then we went to a park. Following are a couple more pictures from that day. Next, is a guy playing a fiddle in the park. I just thought this was kind of an interesting picture... No, this isn't a two headed snake. It is two boa constrictors that we saw at the snake/frog/lizard house. That was really pretty interesting. Lastly, is a picture we took of Evan the other day as he was knocked out and a video of him starting to go to sleep. I wanted to get more on this video but the camera turned itself off. I hope to put another video of him on next time.


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