Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sports pictures, Evan and Don Miguel

Well, here's the sports pictures I promised in the newsletter. I also put a recent picture of Evan and a picture of our friend that passed away yesterday.
These first two pictures are of Ecuavolley. This wasn't a serious game and was one of the few times that I actually played. I forgot to mention that alcohol and Ecuavolley are good buddies. These pics were taken in Barrio Rojas, which is near our house. They are playing there in front of the local Catholic church.

I know baseball isn't common at all in Ecuador but I taught it to the children at La Fuente (Dave and Ana's in Tingo). We have played several times and they really enjoy it. One day I also explained the history of baseball and told them about Jackie Robinson. These next three pics are from one day that we all played baseball (really wiffleball with slightly modified rules).

Here's a picture of some guys playing soccer which is the most popular sport in Ecuador. This was taken in the Valle del Chota, which is where a lot of Ecuador's best soccer players came from. I went there on a day trip last Friday and have a lot more pics to show from that trip, but here is one of them.
Here's another recent photo of Evan.
Lastly is a picture of our dear friend Don Miguel and his wife. We knew him as Don Miguel (Don is like Mr. with a little more respect). I took this picture about 3 months ago when we went to his home area of Chimborazo. He had asked me to go for a long time and we finally went. I am so glad we did. I am just sad that he never got to meet little Evan. He died suddenly, so it was one of those things 'I meant to do' but it never happened. I do know he got to meet his grandson that was born about 8 days ago, so that was nice. We are sad and we miss our friend but we know to be 'absent from the body is to be present with the Lord' (2 Cor. 5:1-10). I just ask you to pray for his family, many friends and brothers and sisters in Christ.


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