Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Volunteer, pics part 2 and a video of Evan

Here's the first of some pics from the agricultural project. Here's Gabriel and Gonzalo who came down from Ibarra to help us with the project. Here they are vaccinating a goat. I had met Gabriel last January when I went up there for a filming project (you can look for Gabriel in the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering video). Well, we talked about the possibility of doing a project in our area and he came down and helped us on it. The rest of the pictures are of us builing a seed bed or a planter. We planted several different crops that can be transplanted and shared with the community. There are some of Pastor David, Richard and Larry. This last one shows Ramon, Gonzalo and Gabriel. Ramon is from the area and Gabriel was able to train him in the project. He can now vaccinate animals, castrate pigs, we also built a cage for guinea pigs (pics next time) and we built this seed bed. Hopefully, Ramon will be able to share this info as a part of his ministry in the area.
I took this one of Evan the other day. He's starting to make some sounds and noises and I hoped to capture that but he started hiccuping instead. He is really starting to smile and laugh now as well.


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