Thursday, August 14, 2008

hello again

Well, here are some more pictures from when the volunteers were here. These are specifically of the agricultural project. I'll also have a couple of pics of Evan at the end and I hope to put on a video or two later today or tomorrow. These first two pics are of a guinea pig cage that Gabriel taught us how to build. These really help with guinea pigs because many people let them run loose in their kitchens or in rooms that house them. These cages protect them from dogs, etc.
In both these pics are Gabriel, Gonzalo and Ramon.
These next two pics are of us castrating pigs. I mainly held the animals during their vaccinations or during the pig castrations but as the next pic indicates, I was able to take the boarhood away from one pig. It was quite an experience and this picture doesn't quite do justice to it. The pigs were screaming like nothing else. I had castrated or helped castrate calves before but pigs were a whole new experience. I still remember watching videos of it back in ag class in high school. It was something else doing it. However, the technique Gabriel showed us was quite good, especially compared to how people do it around here.

This last one is of Ramon vaccinating a pig. The coolest thing about last week is that Gabriel trained Ramon how to do the agricultural project. This way, Ramon can teach others and continue the work himself. It is a great way to get into communities, provide a service and open the door for the gospel. In fact, we are going out to a community today to work with some animals. I'll have to put pics up of that later on, after I finish putting up all the volunteer pics.
These first two pics are of Evan and his buddy Gershom. There is one picture of Christine holding the babies and another one of Samuel holding them. Benaiah and Faith (Samuel and Mary's other children) are there as well. These were taken last Friday.

This last one is of Christine and Evan and it was taken the other day. As I close, I would like to share a couple of prayer requests with you all to lift up. One involves a neighbor who is going through an extremely difficult time right now. I ask you to ask for God's peace and direction in his life. The other request is for Ruth (Jose's wife), as she had to have emergency surgery to remove her gall bladder. She is back home and resting now but pray that she will recover well. She has had quite a few health problems recently and hopefully the removal of her gall bladder will help her to feel better. I guess this is all for now. Keep posted, I will have more pics and a video or two to share later on.


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