Monday, September 01, 2008

Last trip to Santo Domingo and other pics

Here's some pictures from my last trip to Santo Domingo. I went there a couple of weeks ago for the ordination of a good friend and the main church's 40th anniversary. It was quite a good trip but quick. I ended up going with Ramon and his family. We all had a good day of fun and fellowship (other than his boys getting carsick on the way down on the curvy mountain road). The friend that got ordained was Bernardo. You might remember him, as I have mentioned him before and asked you to pray for him. Well, he's a new pastor and he's also ordained. To jog your memory, he is a barber and we worked a lot with him in the time we lived and worked in Santo Domingo (March of '07). Here are the guys praying for him, his family and his ministry. Here's Ramon, his family and his wife's sister. We were at the main park/plaza there in Sto. Domingo. Here's Ramon, me and the boys. This is everybody, along with Bernard and his wife (Doris), in front of the church that Bernard is pastoring. He's a new pastor, pastoring a new church- Galilee Baptist Church of Santo Domingo. Here's Ramon and the family, along with Evan. These last five pictures were taken when Dad and Mom were here, now about two months ago. These first two were taken at Evan's dedication service out in Ascazubi (Ramon's family's church). Nice try, mom. She wanted to put Evan in the suitcase and take him with her...nice try!
Here's a video of Evan that was taken a couple of weeks ago. Sorry we haven't put any videos on in a while. Here he is with his chicken friend.
As I close, I want to put a special prayer request. It is for a family in San Carlos, which is where Jose lives (in the Southern part of the valley). This is quite a hard area to work in and we've asked you to pray for San Carlos before. Well, we met a family that is interested in having a Bible study. I'll share the details of how I met this family later on. I met them in quite an amazing way but we are hoping to go over on Thursday (the 4th) and visiting them. I ask you to pray for them (Maribel and Christian).


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