Monday, October 13, 2008

Greetings from the Promised Land (aka Texas)

These first two are not pics from the promised land, as these were taken in Oklahoma. It was pretty country, though. These were taken on the prarie and I thought this wind-swept tree looked kind of interesting.
Here's one of Evan and Christine on the prarie at a roadstop, where we stopped to feed Evan.
We have made it to the promised land/God's country! This is me kissing the ground upon arrival in the Lone Star State.
Here's us up at Southwestern Seminary, where I studied before we went to Ecuador. It was nice to walk around campus.
He's a natural talent. He was able to lift up this ball with his legs and then hold it. Go ahead and call Scott Boras, let's see if we can get a big contract worked out.
Here's our Cuban friends in Ft. Worth with Evan. It was good to see them and other friends there in Ft Worth. This is Juan and Tania and their kids.
Here's Evan with Aunt Becca and Uncle Matt. They live in a house divided, as she is a Longhorn and Matt is an Aggie.
This is why I say that Texas is God's country.
Here's my parents, Evan and Christine taking a walk on the road in front of my parent's house.
Here's 4 generations- my granny, mom, me and Evan. I'm very glad that Evan has gotten to know 2 of his great-grandparents. All of mine passed before I was even born. I guess this is all for now. We'll keep the pics coming and I know I need to put some more on from Ecuador.


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