Thursday, October 09, 2008

pics from Missouri and Oklahoma & an update

Here's some recent pics...
These first three are from a car show that was held at Frederick Boulevard Baptist Church in St. Joe, Missouri. This is where my in-laws go and this is the church that we'll be working with. I'll have details of that in the update below. This first car is a '52 Chevy, the same year my dad was born.
Here's Evan and I with a early 60s Corvette.
This is a '77 Stingray Corvette. We had a good time at the car show and it was a good outreach to the community. They also had a NASCAR and a Christian driver shared his testimony...sorry I can't recall his name but I think his last name was Sheppard. I'm not into NASCAR too much but I loved the old cars and trucks.
Here's a cute one of Evan taken on his 4 month birthday.
Here's Grandma Jan with Evan and Audrey.
This was taken of a corn field up in Missouri. It's amazing to see such large corn fields. In Ecuador we would see a lot of corn but we wouldn't see large fields of it like this.
Here's some swimming cows.
The good old Star-Spangled Banner...
Here's Evan getting us going on our trip.
This last one was taken at Emmanuel Baptist in Weatherford, Oklahoma with my friend, Scott Hume. Emmanuel and Scott had been down a couple of times to work with us in Ecuador. We stopped there on the way down to Texas to visit and speak at their Wednesday night service, and their youth and then college service.
I guess this is all for now but I'll have more recent pics to put on as well. I hope to do that in the next few days. As for the update, we left Missouri last week where we had been staying with my in-laws. We spent a few days in Ft. Worth catching up with some friends there. We came to McDade a few days ago to stay with my parents and visit family and friends here. We'll be here for a little over a week, when we'll head to UMHB in Belton to go to a missions conference. We'll be updating you all as we go along.
As I close, I want to share big news and a big prayer request. It is that we've been called and voted on by Frederick Boulevard Baptist Church of St. Joseph, Missouri to open and pastor their Hispanic Campus. This is such an exciting opportunity and really a God-thing. I'll have to share the details of all this later on but want to ask you all to pray for us and the Hispanic community as we get started. More pics from Ecuador and some new ones from Texas will be here next time!


Blogger Sumajman said...

It's good to keep up with you guys. I delivered the package for Jose C. to the Xtreme mail box in the Lima office. It should make it out to Pucallpa within the week.

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