Friday, October 17, 2008

more recent/Ecuador pics and a sports update

I have some recent pics and a few others from Ecuador. I am also putting a sports update. These first two are of Grammie and Papa with little baby Evan. We have had a good time here and will be sad to go. We've been here for not quite two weeks but will be leaving to be in the Little River/Belton area for a few days before heading up to Missouri.

These next three or so are from our last day trip with some good friends and neighbors Angel and family out to Puerto Quito and Mindo. These were special friends and we were glad to get out with them one last time.
Here's Evan 'talking' to Vanessa.
We went swimming in this river that is behind the girls and Evan.
Here's us after we walked through the forest a bit.
Here's the group again, near a waterfall we walked to see.
We won't be seeing much of this in Missouri or Texas, for that matter...a last picture in the jungles/forests of Ecuador.
Christine and Evan with an orchid.
Now, in sports news...I was glad to see Texas beat Oklahoma. Let's see if they can finish out the rest of the season well. Colt has a shot at the Heisman and the team has a shot at the nat'l championship. Let's see what happens... By the way, Colt McCoy is a Christian and you can check out an article about a mission trip he took to Peru if you click on (or type in) the following link-
Now, in baseball news...I'm kind of bummed about the Cubs. I don't know if you remember my bold prediction made at the beginning of the season that this was their year. Well, it wasn't. I think the pressure got to them. Well, they aren't in it but the Rays are and that is quite exciting. I guess I'll pull for them now in the playoffs. They're a decent young team. Also,they've got the whole worst to first gig going and best of all, they have a player named Evan (and like our Evan, his middle name is Michael) and no, Evan Longoria is not Eva's brother! Again, we'll see what happens. They should have finished Boston off the other night but hopefully they'll do it tomorrow.


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