Thursday, February 05, 2009

pics, videos and update

Sorry it's been a while but I have some pics, videos and an update to make it up. These first couple of pics were taken when my family came here after Christmas. Here is Evan's Aunt Laura and cousin Audrey.
This is a smart boy (reaching for the bbq sauce!)
These pics were taken around the house the last few days. This 2nd one shows us in our Ecuador soccer shirts.

We think he's going to take off flying any day now, as these videos attest.
As for an update, we want to let you know that things are going well. We had our 2nd service this last Sunday and are getting ready for our 3rd this Sunday. We didn't have as many people this last Sunday but things still went well. I have a special testimony to share. One is about an Ecuadorian lady that I met. Since we had come back from Ecuador last September, we hadn't met any Ecuadorians here in the States. Well, the day before our first service, I ended up going to Grace House (which is a clothes donation place). I hadn't planned on going there but they ran out of invitations and so I decided to stop by and drop some off. I ended up staying longer than I had planned but in that time, I met these two ladies and found that one of them was from Ecuador. The Ecuadorian lady lives with a lady from Mexico, who is already a believer. They both have come to the church these last two Sundays. I know this is kind of a long story but tell it to show some ways that God works and I also ask you to pray for our new friends, especially our new Ecuadorian friend. She is very open to God but is yet to make a commitment to Him, please pray for her in this process. Thanks again and keep praying!


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