Monday, April 13, 2009

recent pics and videos

Here are some recent pics and videos. Our Easter service went pretty well and we thank you for praying for it. These first two pics are from a recent daytrip to Atchison, Kansas. Atchison is about 30 miles south of here and is a neat little town. We rode a trolley there, went to a museum, and a little ice cream/sandwich shop. These two pics are from the trolley ride. Evan enjoyed it so much, as you can see in the 2nd pic. They had Blue Bell ice cream at the place we went to and that was really nice. Here's Evan with his Easter bunny doll that Grandma Evans gave him.
This one shows Evan looking at his Bible story book with me. Sorry that you'll have to turn your head sideways to see this one.
This one shows Evan with his bunny and also spinning around.
Here is Evan eating some cottage cheese. He has begun to feed himself and does quite well but it is also quite messy.
This last one shows Evan speaking his own little language. Here recently he has begun to babble this a lot- gogi, gogi...etc. It is quite cute.
Following is a blog post from that talks about what I wrote in the last prayer newsletter (about fully trusting in God and allowing Him to do His work). This is a lesson that I'm still learning but this following post was a good reminder in the lesson. I hope you enjoy it. I'm now intrigued to read the book where he got it.
Major Ian Thomas: When Doing Right is Wrong
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(Note: This is from The Indwelling Life of Christ: All of Him in All of Me)

So long as Christians are busy doing for God what is best in their own eyes, they will never enter into His rest and the true inheritance that is theirs to enjoy now. They will only be sweating it out, and end up weary, discouraged, depressed. They will likely become deeply cynical.

They will finally want to quit, and quit they must. They must quit depending on self-effort, and instead recognize the Truth: ‘I cannot - God never said I could; but God can, and always said He would.’

True repentance says, ‘I cannot,’ and true faith adds, ‘But God, You can!’ Then you can reign in life as you let God be God, and you allow Him to show you that He is big enough for the job.

Reflect again on this truth: Righteousness is doing right in God’s eyes, and God alone is the author of righteousness. For any activity of yours or mine to produce righteousness, God Himself must be the source of it. Are you allowing Him to do this in your life?


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