Thursday, April 02, 2009

prayer requests, videos and pics

This 2nd picture shows Christine and Evan with our Ecuadorian friend, Teresa. This was Evan's only compatriot here in St. Joe but now she has moved back to Chicago. We had asked you to pray for her before and now want to ask you to pray for her again as she reestablishes her life in Chicago. She has family there, so that will be good for her but pray that God continues to work in her life.
Following are some recent prayer requests related to the ministry. I know I haven't been real good about updating you on that and putting up prayer requests. Things are going well overall and we're quite excited now. I'll also be putting some more videos of Evan on later this evening. Guess this is all for now.
1. Continue to pray for our special Easter service. Pray that many new people would come and that all would have an encounter with the crucified and Risen Saviour.
2. Pray especially for a couple that has come to our church, Carlos and Adela. They were bringing food to the church and visiting quite regularly for a while but haven't come too much the last few weeks. I have been able to visit them and have some contact with them. They are not Christians yet but are very open to accepting Christ. They are thinking about it and trying to make the decision. I pray that God will open their hearts to receive Him and serve Him.
3. Continue to pray for Nancy and Fidel. She has had health problems of her own but now her parents are dealing with some health issues. They both had recent operations and Nancy and Fidel went there to be with them for a while.
4. Pray for Reinaldo and Beatriz who recently lost their jobs. Beatriz also recently lost her mother back in El Salvador that she hadn't seen in over 13 years.
5. Pray for Ruth's relative who is having some health problems. She is waiting on some results for a test. Ruth is also a praise because she has begun to help me with music, so we praise and thank God for her.
6. Pray for Miguel, Griselda and their family. They are beginning some premarital counseling and they have also begun helping some in the church.
7. Also, pray for Brigida. I found out this afternoon that she has a tumor in her uterus. They don't know if it is cancerous yet or not. Please pray for a good result or God's healing on her.

You can see Evan pulling himself up in this one. It won't be too long before he'll be walking.
You can see Evan's love for music here. He didn't 'dance' in this one as much as he normally does. A lot of times when we have a camera on him, he won't do as much of as what he normally does. You can hear a part of an Andrew Peterson song (Far Country) in the background.


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