Wednesday, April 01, 2009

recent pics and videos

Here's some recent pictures from my cell phone. This first one is of Evan and Barbaro. Barbaro is a Cuban friend that has been going to our church. I ask you to pray for Barbaro. Here's Evan standing up in his crib. He can pull himself up now, quite easily and he also can sit up by himself as well. Here's me and Andrew Peterson. I finally got to see him in concert and got to meet him as well. If you haven't heard his music before, I strongly recommend that you check him out. I have put lyrics from his songs on here before. You can see that Evan has begun to stick his tongue out here recently. He is also babbling quite a bit. This last picture was taken a few weeks ago during a snowfall when I went sledding. I ended up completely covered in snow and it began to melt on my pants. It was quite a lot of fun but also cold.
Here's a couple of videos of Evan for your enjoyment. I hope to put on a couple more in the next day or two.


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