Friday, August 07, 2009

Guatemala, part 4 and recent pics

Here are some recent pictures and the last of the Guatemala pictures.
These first couple of pics were taken at our church's baptism a few weeks ago. This first one shows the baptism of Miguel and Griselda. They have an amazing testimony and it's fun to see what things God is doing in their lives as well.
This picture is of Luis getting baptized. Luis has a great testimony as the Lord has saved Him and delivered him from alcoholism. The Lord has also healed him of diabetes These next ones are of Evan.
As I put this link, I want to let you know about it. It is a link to see a clip about our trip to Guatemala on the local St. Joe news. They ended up interviewing me and showing some footage and pictures from our trip. Just cut and paste this link in your browser and it should work.
An interesting bridge in Chichicastenango. Say that a few times fast. We just drove through this town but they are famous for their market.
This bus tried to run us over and then passed us on a curve.
This was overlooking two volcanoes and Lake Atitlan.
This was taken in Antigua and shows a volcano in the background. We stopped in Antigua to do a bit of shopping and sightseeing.
This lady was weaving some tapestries and different types of cloth. I ended up buying something from her and visiting with her a little bit.
These last three pictures were taken in Guatemala City. We were able to spend one night there and had a bit of time in the morning to spend before flying out. We were close to the main plaza and that was pretty interesting. That is where these photos were taken. This first one is what is considered their capitol building.
The next two show the National Cathedral, one with me and the other without.

As I close I continue to ask you to pray for our ministry and church here in St. Joe and for the partnership in Guatemala. We know that God will use your prayers in mighty ways to expand His Kingdom. We have definitely seen that in the past and will continue to see it in the future. Pray for continued direction, guidance and leadership in both projects. We have started a home Bible study (in Miguel and Griselda's house) and that is starting well. Pray for that and for a community resource fair that we are planning for Sept. 13. Guess this is all for now.


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