Saturday, October 03, 2009

Here are some pictures that we have taken over the last month. We hope you enjoy them all. Evan likes to comb his hair, as you can see here. Here's Evan feeding the ducks and geese at the park. This was Labor day when we went to Jan and William's for a cookout. Here's a nice one of cousin Audrey. Here's Evan and Audrey in the car together. Here's Evan at his new Sesame Street workbench. Here's Evan with his Longhorn shirt that Grammie sent him. As you can see, Evan likes exploring a bit. Here's Evan with a nice harvest of our tomatoes. As you can see, our tomatoes did really well this year. Here's us with Pastor Paul Sheppard. He came to preach in Kansas City and we went to see him. Pastor Paul has been a big blessing in our lives. We have listened to him for years via radio but mostly internet, especially when we were in Ecuador. I encourage you to check him out at . We also had the blessing of meeting him there. The last few pictures were taken at our church's annual car show-Pathway to Victory. Here we are with a '48 Ford. This was my favorite one and the Plymouth Barracuda was Christine's favorite. Evan really liked seeing all the 'cahs.' That is one of the words that he knows really well and kept saying it that day.
Here's a video of Evan swinging at Grandma and Grandpa's on Labor day. I'm not sure why but there's no sound on it. I know this is a different camera than the one we have used before. It's kind of a shame because the sound can be the best part.


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