Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy birthday Evan!

These first two pictures were taken today when we went to McDonald's for Evan's birthday. He is two now and that is really hard to believe. We didn't have much of a celebration but it was a special day. We will celebrate his birthday on Memorial Day with the family up here. Evan has on a crown from Aunt Karen. He was making funny faces so I took his picture. It was kind of funny every time we would say 'happy birthday, Evan', he would say 'Happy birthday cake.' Evan on the lawn mower at Uncle Paul's. This was taken of Evan and mommy at the park on mommy's birthday last week. I saw this one day when I needed a reminder of God's grace. Thanks to Jesus and what he did on the cross, we have God's grace available to us.
Following are some videos that were taken over the last couple of months. These videos show different things but are mostly of Evan but there are a couple I took at the Andrew Peterson concert and one that I took of the Missouri River.


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