Sunday, February 12, 2006

Full House

Remember these guys??? (You may have to click on the picture to enlarge it because it is kind of small). Now imagine them speaking Spanish...I think they are making a comeback here in Ecuador. Watching episodes of them a few days a week has been a bit of a highlight here recently...our lives really aren't that boring, but I think it is helping me to learn Spanish.
As for an update, we are doing quite well but pretty busy. We have officially moved into our house in Cumbaya. Now we are just trying to organize everything and get settled in. It is really nice and is a true blessing from God. We hope to add more pictures next time and give more of an update. BMH (by the way, we are still waiting for suggestions for naming our the way #2, our truck is not green as has been suggested in the comments is dark blue).


Blogger Laura_Paul said...

Paul and I think that you should name your guy's truck..."Papa" from "Papa Smurf":) We love being able to catch up with you guy's on this. Love you both!!!

11:01 PM  

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