Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Prayer for Volunteer Team

Here is the first of many pictures from some sites that the next team of volunteers will be going to. They will be here from July 8-15 but some leaders will get here on July 5. There is a group of 50 that are coming from Florida. They are with International World Changers (IWC) and are mostly youth. They will be doing surveys, evangelism, and sports programs. They will also go to different towns in the valley, like the other group. The picture here is of the town square/church in Tumbaco. Tumbaco is one of the larger towns in our area. It also isn't very from where we live. The team will be there on Thursday, July 13. Especially be in prayer for them and Tumbaco on this day. This is all for now about the volunteers but I hope to post more pictures of other sites as well.
World Cup update...The main news is that Ecuador lost to England on Sunday, 1-0. They played really well, but luck was not on their side. Everyone is pretty sad but also glad that they advanced at least that far. They really gave England a run for their money and really just missed out. Maybe next time...


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