Sunday, November 19, 2006

Our store and tidbits

Just want to share some pictures of the store that is in front of our house, along w/ some great friends that we have here. This is a family that has become quite special to us and we have known them since moving here to Cumbaya. I spend quite a bit of time hanging out in the store and we have a Bible study/dinner every Sunday night with them. There are other supermarkets that we go to for most of our shopping but we can buy a few basics here at 'Viveres Vicky.' From left to right, German, Jessenia, Carmen, Angel and Evelin. German is Carmen's dad, Angel and Carmen are parents of the 2 girls. The next picture is a bit of a look inside the store.
Now, I just want to share a couple of random thoughts, etc. One is about a former Ecuadorian president. I had read about him some before but then saw an exhibit about this president's life. His name is Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra. He was president of Ecuador 5 different times, starting in the 30s and ending in the early 70s. The main thing I wanted to share was an interesting quote that he said, 'Give me a balcony and I'll be the president.' Gives you a bit of an idea about Latin American politics, especially old-style Latin American politics...this is just something to share in view of the election that is coming up here-that will be next Sunday, please be praying about that. The last thing I wanted to share is a translation of a funny bumper sticker we saw today, it said, 'Don't follow me because I'm lost.'


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