Monday, October 30, 2006

Trip to Tungurahua Volcano

Well, we had a great trip to Tungurahua. Thanks so much for praying for our trip and time there. It was quite an experience. Now, I will try to describe some of the following pictures...
The second one here is doing the main food delivery in one community. This is a community that is directly across from the volcano and has been badly affected by the ash from the volcano. A lot of the people's animals and crops died because of the ash. There was also damage to some of the houses.
At the edge of this basketball court is a pile of ash that has been swept to the side. It was probably about 10 inches deep.
You may have to click on this one to enlarge and really see it. This is a picture of ash that fell on the hood and windshield while we were there. We were probably in this community for 2 and half hours and when we left we noticed all this ash that had fallen. The strange thing is that we couldn't see it falling but it did. I also was able to pick up some volcanic rocks that came during the main eruptions back in July and August.
This is just a picture of part of the base of the volcano. When we were doing the delivery, we were just across a valley from the volcano but couldn't see it at all because it was covered with clouds and fog. However, we were able to see the volcano clearly from the town we stayed in, which was kind of far away.
This is a picture of some kids that we saw on the way.
The very first and last pictures on this blog entry are of Tungurahua throwing off some ash and smoke. These were taken from the city of Ambato and this is where we stayed. We were probably about an hours drive away from the volcano. Thanks again for your prayers for us, the trip and more importantly the people there. There is a chance of another larger eruption and it is still putting off ash every day. Please continue to pray for the people there.
I just want to share one last prayer request as I close and is really unrelated to the volcano. Anyways, we are going to be meeting with another missionary on Thursday, Nov. 2 to discuss developing a set of Bible stories that specifically address the family and family issues. Please pray that will seek God on this and find something that will honor God and teach people principles from the Bible regarding the family. Also pray that we can find people that will want to listen and learn from these stories and others that would like to teach them.


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