Wednesday, September 27, 2006

special water and our fish

You'll have to read the labels on these water bottles closely to see what they say. The one on the left says, 'Sin Gas' and the one on the right says, 'Con Gas.'

No, this is not special water for sinners...Though, these words sound like they are English words, they have very different pronunciations and meanings. 'Sin Gas' is water without carbonation and 'Con Gas' is with carbonation, like club soda. Just thought this was kind of interesting to share with you all.

Now, you can meet the newest additions to the Haley family. Yesterday, we bought a fish tank with all the equipment, etc. We have two goldfish and another kind, can't remember the exact breed, but he looks like an orange and black minnow to me. The silverish goldfish on the left is named 'Tin' which is short for Agustin Delgado, who is a soccer player. He (the soccer player, not the fish) plays on the Ecuadorian National Team and on Liga de Quito, my favorite Ecuadorian club team. On top (the orange minnow), is Marcos, named for Marcos Vidal. Marcos Vidal is a favorite Spanish Christian singer of ours. The last one on the bottom is 'Spot', so named because of an orange spot on the top of his head. I guess this all for now about the fish. We are going to see how they do and maybe add another one or two. I hope they fare better than the goldfish I tried to have when I was in middle school. They lasted a couple of days and then I tried to get some more a couple more times, but no luck. These seem to be doing a lot better.
I don't know too much else. I hope to post another blog in the next couple of days with more pictures, and update and prayer requests.


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Anonymous ggodfrey said...

It is always great to see your photos, you added nice verses too. I was blessed to see your first baptism! PTL --- I'm visiting friends and when I asked a thirteen year old girl if she'd like to see some photos from Ecuador, she asked, "Where's that?" and I got to show her on the globe and talk about your work.
We love you, GG & AG

10:34 AM  

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