Monday, September 04, 2006

Guayaquil, part 2

Here are some more pictures from Guayaquil, with a couple from the trip home. The first one here is of 'Silver' and some kids from a church that we went to outside of Guayaquil. Silver is the vehicle that we've been driving for the most amount of time here in Ecuador (we had 4 others before this one but all for short amounts of time). We really love Silver and he gets us around pretty good. He can handle the rough roads really well but he is also pretty quick and agile and is good at dodging cows, buses, potholes and drunks, and he can leap giant speed bumps in a single bound. So hi ho Silver away!
Next is my buddy Aron. He is a little guy that I saw at one of the churches. We played together a bit.
This is a sign for a pool and restaraunt area that decided to use the name of the greatest state in the Union in its name.

Lastly, is a picture of a waterfall that we stopped at on the way home. It was so nice, just to see a small wonder of God's creation and to hear the rushing water-oh, and check out the babes they have there. It is amazing how many waterfalls we've seen in Ecuador. I guess it has to do with the fact that there are lots of mountains as well. I think I've heard that Ecuador has the most waterfalls per capita in the entire world (just kidding!), at least I'd be willing to bet on it. Guess this is all for now.


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Love your blog - and what about the proud Texas gals?? I find myself continually explaining the contraction for y'all to all english speakers here in Poland!! Our e-mail address Later - Becca

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