Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Farm life

Ok, I have quite a few pictures to post and a lot of catching up to do because the blog wasn't working for a while.
This first one is from a place up in the mountains a bit, overlooking the valley. It is a bit up the mountain from where Ramon's family's house church meets. We were waiting for a meeting there, taking in the beauty of the valley down below and we saw this dust devil off in the distance.
These next two are from Ramon's family's farm. Their main crop is strawberries that they send to a jam company. They also have several other plants and animals. We've been out there three times and each time, they've sent us back with bags full of strawberries. The other picture is of their cuyes (or edible guinea pigs).
This last picture is of a few great friends of ours. On the left is our friend, Ramon. The couple to the right of Christine are new believers. Then, there is their 2 kids and niece. Please lift up Edwin and Jenny in prayer, that they would grow in their faith and service to God. They are from the El Quinche area that I have mentioned before.


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