Friday, May 25, 2007

Cartagena, part 2

Here's some more pictures from our time in Cartagena, Colombia. The first one is of a horse and carriage ride we went on. We met another couple at that time. At the end of this, I will share a prayer request related to this.
Here's a lady we saw on the historic center of Cartagena. They have a name for the ladies that do this and you have to pay to take their picture. The next picture is of tile street sign in the old part of the city.

The rest of the pictures are from the fort we saw there. This was a fort that the Spanish built in the 1600s. Cartagena is where they stored much of their gold and riches and they had the fort built to protect the city from pirates. There's a picture taken of us at the entrance to one of the tunnels that goes through the fort.
As I close, I want to share the prayer request related to the couple (Julio and Karla) we went with on the carriage ride. This story is kind of long but I'll make it short as possible. Well, the next day a large group from the hotel rode a boat out to a beautiful beach on an island. We stayed around the beach hanging out but Karla and Julio ended up going out scuba diving. Well, there was some kind of accident and Julio ended up dying. We're still not sure exactly what happened. We did have a chance to visit with Karla later that night and also have her contact info and called her last night. I just want to ask you all to pray for her and the family at this time. They were a young couple on their honeymoon. Just pray for God's peace at this time. We appreciate this very much. I will close for now and share more pictures from our trip later on.


Blogger Madge said...

Pictures and post are beautiful.
Your account of the young couple is heart wrenching. I pray you may be a comfort for her and the family as the light of Christ shines through you.

2:30 PM  

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